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Welcome to Paradise

Glow of the Caribbean Pendant
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From the moment you step onto these lush tropical islands, a flicker of light begins to warm your inner soul. It’s the vibe of the sights, sounds and culture of an island rich in tropical history. As the days linger on and draw to a close, the sun descends upon the blue Caribbean waters for one final night. As you’re standing in the sand facing the sunset, it radiates one final farewell with beams of light kissing your sun-drenched skin; you look and realize…. ”YOU ARE AGLOW” Your footprints may fade from the sandy beach, but your memories will forever live on as you look down in the dark of the night and see your glowing memory in a small piece of the island’s magic; then you realize that your soul begins to glow…again. GLOW OF THE CARIBBEAN

Quality is key - Always.

The quality of the Glow of the Caribbean jewelry is unsurpassed. Each piece of our beautiful and unique jewelry has hand-selected gemstones of the highest quality and are precision cut to our patented design specifications to ensure a mesmerizing glow for hours. The sides and backs of each piece are made of 925 Silver with a heavy Rhodium finish (some designs contain solid 14k yellow gold accents), intricately detailed with imagery of the Caribbean such as waves and palm trees to forever remind you of your time in paradise. You’ll be amazed at the size and weight of each of these pieces, they are sure to be a prized possession for years to come.

Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite

You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite to quickly boost the afterglow and amaze your friends. 

Style #UVLED.405NM

A $49 value – FREE with any purchase

The Glow of the Caribbean brand of jewelry is dedicated to the continued preservation & support of sea turtles throughout the world.  We are a proud member of the Sea Turtle Conservancy & pleased to donate a percentage of all sales to the Conservancy in Southern Florida that supports all sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.

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