How the Glow of the Caribbean got started

It all started in 1932 by Ervin and Mildred Kruger. Ervin was a watchmaker in Southern Indiana, which lead to jewelry repair and gradually evolving thru the years into a full scale jewelry store.

Later, diamonds became a major part of the quickly growing business, as well.

In 1983, Bill Disinger, the grandson of Ervin and Mildred, took the management reigns of the jewelry store. With a background in architectural design and further studies in gemology, Bill was able to use his structured knowledge in symmetry, design, and function to build upon what his grandparents had started many years before. Apprenticing with his grandfather honed his skills to incorporate his teaching into what has now become a state of the art manufacturing Jewelry Company.

A new chapter has now begun in the history of Disinger & Kruger Jewelers with the development of the patented Night Glow Diamond.

Through the years there were many discussions with our customers about the phenomenon of fluorescence in diamonds. This is when a diamond is placed under a black light and the diamond will glow blue. Unfortunately, as soon as the diamond is taken away from the black light the beautiful blue color disappears.

When a customer experiences diamond fluorescence for the first time they are normally very surprised. Most of our customers like the idea of fluorescence which refers to photo-luminescence of a diamond. They love to see their diamond glow under our G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) color grader that also checks for fluorescence and shows off the vivid almost luminescent blue glow. Unfortunately, the only time you get to enjoy this phenomenon is at a night club or other use of black lights. Several customers stated that it was such a shame that everyone could not experience this incredibly beautiful glow at night. As one customer said, “I can only show my diamond off during the day. At night when it gets dark you might as well not even wear it, nobody can see it.” This comment along with many others became the inspiration that started the long road to develop the first and only diamond that will glow at night.

The first major breakthrough came when Bill Disinger discovered that a diamond could be cut in order to magnify and maintain the scintillation of light. Acting on the same principal of a magnifying glass, the light is amplified down through the diamond. Once this was accomplished a photo luminescent membrane of matching angles would sit below the stone. The membrane then reflects the light back up into the diamond creating a uniform glow. Thus, the first Night Glow Diamond was produced.

It has been many years since that first successful glowing diamond was created. And, there have been numerous breakthroughs along the way that have brought our team to this point. Now we are able to share this phenomenon and beauty of photo luminescence that is trademarked as the Ocular Brand Diamond. This new round cut diamond has been tested to glow at night up to 8 hours, glowing in the colors of Caribbean Blue or Sea Foam Green.

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The glow of the Caribbean brand of jewelry is dedicated to the continued preservation & support of sea turtles throughout the world. We are proud to partner with the Sea Turtles Conservancy and please to donate a percentage of all sales to the Conservancy in Southern Florida that supports all sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.