The incredibly unique part about our jewelry is that you truly get to experience it.
Our patented technology allows us to create a glow that radiates out of
each piece of jewelry for up to 8 hours at night.

This is all done simply by collecting UV light which is just sunlight.
Just wear your jewelry out in the sun, then watch it come to life at night.
The more sun, the longer it glows.

Our jewelry is made of natural high quality gemstones and set in .925 Sterling Silver.

Each piece comes with a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Crafted with 100% Genuine Natural Topaz

Yes! The Swiss Blue Topaz is 100% natural and genuine.   There are no batteries, no wires and the gemstones have not been exposed to any form of radiation.  *The natural gemstones can glow up to 8 hours in total darkness based on UV light and weather conditions.

How it works:

Remember…when you were young and you would take a magnifying glass outside, focus the magnification angle to a pin point on a piece of paper and watch it smoke?  What if you let it even catch fire? Now you understand the principle behind the Ocular™ cut gemstone.  Except, instead of a magnifying glass, we have engineered a natural gemstone into a perfect magnifier.

Magical? Yes.  Magic? No.

The first major breakthrough came when Bill Disinger discovered that a diamond or gemstone could be cut to magnify and maintain scintillation of light.  While acting on the same principal of a magnifying glass, the light is amplified down through the diamond or gemstone. 

There is a photo luminescent reflective membrane placed at the point of light convergence.  The intense magnified light through the gemstone, or diamond, excites the molecules on the reflective membrane, causing the light to reflect back into the gemstone or diamond, creating the ambient glow.

Now, we are able to share this phenomenon of fluorescence that is patented and trademarked as the Ocular® Brand gemstone.  Using three provisional patents of the Night Glow Diamond® process, the four diamond cuts have been tested to glow up to 8 hours at night, glowing in the colors of Caribbean Blue and Sea Foam Green.

The science behind the glow.

The gemstone is composed of 5 parts.

Table:  The flat top of the diamond and the single largest facet in a round or Ocular™ Brand gemstone

Crown:  The upper section of the diamond between the table & the girdle

Girdle:  The area between the crown and pavilion which is generally thicker in European cut and Ocular™ Brand gemstone vs. the Modern Round Ideal Cut gemstone.  In the Ocular™ Brand gemstone, the girdle is honed to a mirror finish and far greater than that of a telescopic lens.

Pavilion:  The bottom section of the diamond and the deepest part of the diamond in European cut  and Ocular™ Brand gemstones.

Culet:  The small facet at the bottom center of the gemstone.  In the Ocular™ Brand gemstone, the culet is called the Reflective Eye and is the single most distinctive way to quickly recognize an Ocular™ Brand gemstone at a glance.

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The glow of the Caribbean brand of jewelry is dedicated to the continued preservation & support of sea turtles throughout the world. We are proud to partner with the Sea Turtles Conservancy and please to donate a percentage of all sales to the Conservancy in Southern Florida that supports all sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.