Reflections Pendant


Reflections Pendant
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This is where it all started.  A single drop of Caribbean Blue Waters inspired the basis of a perfectly matched blue color in our selection of natural blue topaz.  It is a perfect match to the true color of these Caribbean blue waters in every respect.  The simplicity of a single droplet of water has become the very foundation of our entire line.  Now we can offer you our 1.80ct Caribbean waters pendent…This pendent truly glows the colors of the Caribbean waters in the dark of the night, forever reminding you of your time in Paradise.


May we suggest:  This Reflections Pendant is only one of a 3-piece set.

The matching ring Style GC-55516-P.R

The matching earrings Style (available Fall of 2020)


8.0×6.0mm Pear Shaped Natural Caribi Blue Topaz
with Boatsman Rope Bezel Trim
(Solitaire) Featuring Repeating Open Wave Side Panels
& Single Palm Tree Motif on Under Gallery
18”-925 Silver Cable Chain w/Lobster Claw & Rhodium Finish


*The glow of these natural gemstones will vary, there are no two nights that will see exactly the same subtle afterglow.  Atmospheric conditions along with the strength of UV outdoor light will directly affect the performance and longevity of the afterglow.   The darker the room or the darkness of the night is important to see the full effect of the glow.  You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean afterglow light to quickly boost the afterglow and amaze your friends.  Style #UVLED.405NM


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