“My Night Glow engagement ring is simply amazing! The glow lasts for such a long time. I love it when I wake up in the morning and it’s still glowing! Instant happiness to start off the day!”

Abby M
Jasper, IN

“The Blue Topaz pendant I gifted my girlfriend is truly extraordinary. Not only in its flawless appearance but its design that allows it to glow naturally.”

Jeff E.
Santa Claus, IN

“The perfect place to give your girl a “glow of the Caribbean pendant” – is on a sunny day in front of the ocean. The pendant and the sparkling blue ocean water match perfectly. And she will never forget the moment!”

Randy N
Loogootee, IN

“It does draw a crowd.”

Debra M.
Tell City, IN

“Wow, I am IN LOVE with this gorgeous pendant! The stone is the most beautiful shade of blue and when it glows it looks like the Caribbean Ocean…it’s mesmerizing! I love the ocean so the gold starfish above the pendant was a perfect choice for me. Craftsmanship and quality are top-notch. Thank you to my husband for this surprise gift. I couldn’t be happier.”

Charlotte W.
Dallas, TX

“Reminds me of the Northern Lights-The sky looks normally dark and suddenly a glow of color! “Aurora Borealis”.

Susan R.
Columbus, IN

“You far, far exceeded our expectations……truly a magnificent piece of jewelry, from the selection from the round solitaire stone to its incorporation in a detailed, sophisticated one-of-a-kind setting, which we will truly enjoy now and our descendants will enjoy later. GLOW FACTOR is OFF THE CHART, even in just dim lighting. “CLASS ACT” all the way around in your business relationship with us”

Duane J. & Carol B.
Jasper, IN

“I was a little scared when my husband said I have a gift for you, come into the closet.”

Elisabeth L.
Velpin, IN

“When you’re on a farm & you look up at the North Star on a clear night, it is brighter than the others. My wife’s Glow of the Caribbean jewelry reminds me of the brightest star.”

Paul L.
Sarasota, FL

“My Glow of the Caribbean Blue Topaz pendants are very special pieces. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. I wear my pendants all the time. After an afternoon of boating, I walked into a restaurant and my pendant was glowing so brilliantly that everyone in the room was immediately drawn to me, asking me about my pendants. What a cool experience.”

Stephanie D.
St. John’s, FL

“When I first heard about the Glow of the Caribbean jewelry, I really thought it was an awesome idea. Then when I actually saw one for the first time while vacationing on Captiva Island in Florida, I was stunned at just how beautiful they were. When I first laid eyes on the new Glow of the Caribbean Blue Topaz, I WAS HOOKED!!! I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!!! Every time I am out in the evening wearing my pendant, people say…HEY! that glows in the dark! I respond, yes indeed it does, and the afterglow can last all night long!

Dee H.
Riedmoson, TX

“Tina LOVED the necklace!  She particularly liked the ‘presentation’ with the box & light.  I think I scored some points!  Thanks again for everything”

Steve R
Evansville, IN

“I gave Jennifer the necklace Saturday evening on the balcony in the dark, she was speechless!!  It was amazing in the dark.  Thanks again for making this happen.”

Mike B
Newburgh, IN

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The glow of the Caribbean brand of jewelry is dedicated to the continued preservation & support of sea turtles throughout the world. We are proud to partner with the Sea Turtles Conservancy and please to donate a percentage of all sales to the Conservancy in Southern Florida that supports all sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.