Glow of the Caribbean

St. Kitts West Indies:
Turtle Beach, South Peninsula
PO Box 821 St. Kitts, West Indies KN7000
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There is a full 3 year guarantee. If there is a problem of any kind with your Jewelry piece please let us know….even if it is full of pie dough caught under the gemstone or diamond causing it to not glow, we are here to help.
Please note that your Night Glow Jewelry piece glows from Nature and is real; meaning that you will not always see the glow. When the UV Index is low, particularly below the index standard of 4 (you can find the UV index on your cell phones weather App by scrolling down under your location to UV Index) your glow performance will be at a bare minimum. An Index reading at or under the value of 3 will not be strong enough to charge the glow. The natural accuracy of the glow is best viewed in TOTAL DARKNESS and as the pupils of your eyes adjust to the night light. Please do not expect to go out to dinner and see your Jewelry glowing across the room, although depending on the UV index it could glow for a short time in a dimly lit room, but probably not. Remember this is real and the atmospheric conditions effect the outcome of the glow.
Driving at night in the dark, taking late night walks in darkness, the movie theater, and of course, putting your Night Glow next to your bed stand in the dark of the night will forever be a subtle glowing reminder of that special place or that very special moment in your life.
You can always use one of our dedicated UVLED keychain lights (sold by authorized retailers) or purchased through our website to show off the glow in dim light. Because the UV strength in the keychain light is much lower then that of the sun’s UV light the intense glow will be short lived….but the kaleidoscopic play of light and dark on the facets in the center gemstone is mesmerizing to look at and best seen using the UVLED* dedicated keychain light. The afterglow can easily be seen in dim light for a few minutes using your keychain light. Your friends will absolutely be amazed seeing the glow from your Ocular Cut gemstone or diamond. It will be the hit of the party and a true conversation piece.