Glow of the Caribbean

St. Kitts West Indies:
Turtle Beach, South Peninsula
PO Box 821 St. Kitts, West Indies KN7000
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It all started in a small town family owned Jewelry business in Southern Indiana that specialized in custom designs and repairs. In 2012 Bill Disinger, a gemologist and Jewelry designer realized that the angles of a diamond could be adjusted to amplify and converge light on a surface below the gemstone similar to the way a magnifying glass turned on an angle converges an intense light causing not just heat, but an intense pinpoint of light. Understanding that the magnifier is glass and glass has a very low refractive index what angles would it take with a diamond or gemstone of a much higher refractive index to converge light the same way. After many trials and errors it was discovered that the cut of the modern day diamond was not that far off of what it would take to converge light to an intense pin point. This all started the several year journey to develop the afterglow that is seen in the patented glow today.