The quality of the Glow of the Caribbean jewelry is unsurpassed. Each piece of our beautiful and unique jewelry has hand-selected gemstones of the highest quality and are precision cut to our patented design specifications to ensure a mesmerizing glow for hours. The sides and backs of each piece are made of 925 Silver with a heavy Rhodium finish (some designs contain solid 14k yellow gold accents), intricately detailed with imagery of the Caribbean such as waves and palm trees to forever remind you of your time in paradise. You’ll be amazed at the size and weight of each of these pieces, they are sure to be a prized possession for years to come.
You can learn Everything You Need to Know about Glow of the Caribbean Jewelry below:


3 dimensional designs: unlike any other designs….look at the side views & multi- dimensional open filagree back view detail
• You can feel the weight difference
• Gemstones cut to exacting proportions unlike any that I’ve ever been cut before. 
    A) in many designs the center gemstone cuts are more brilliant during the day than most cuts.
     B) Because of the exacting nature of our patented product there are very few Gemstone cutters in the world
that can adhere to our exact tolerance a plus or minus 1%. 
• Our product is so unique that it has been awarded multiple USA patents & provisional patents plus worldwide patents. 
   A) these patents make this one of the most innovative designs to hit the market in years. 
    B) Our patented design has no equal & no one can copy it. 
           1) we have provisional patents in both China, India & Africa that have already gone public. 
            2) We were awarded a patent by the Russian Federation. 
             3) We have an umbrella patent over the whole of Europe. 
•Because of the exacting cut of the gemstone & the combination of the mountings interior patented design with its Inert
“RARE EARTH  MATERIAL”  allows for a subtle glow in the dark of the night. 
•This is what makes us so very unique & why we can not be compared to the rest. 
    “For the first time you can now see a natural gemstones Kaleidoscopic play of light on facets as they dance with the
movement of the night unlike any gemstone has ever been seen before.”

We would like to say thank you for your interest in our exciting fully patented Jewelry line of Natural Colored Gemstones and Diamonds.


The project started in our modest small town Jewelry store located in Southern Indiana. The year was 2008 and gold prices had hit an all-time high along with fuel prices. The Jewelry Industry was slumping with the introduction of iPod and Apple brand watch technology was taking the lead over Jewelry as the major gift for the holidays and we knew that we had to do something about it. If we could not find what we were looking for in our Industry, we felt we had the training and know-how to create it. My small team of bench Jewelers and sales associates began looking for something totally different to help us standout, but yet very real and long-term sustainability; We were not interested in gimmicks but something very real. I along with other colleagues in the industry felt that it was an absolute necessity to creating or finding something incredibly new to get our business on the successful path that it had been since I took over my Grandfather’s business back in 1983. So, the search began.


By the year 2010 we had come up with the idea from when we were young; taking a magnifying glass, turning it on an angle, focusing the light to a convergence point on the ground and creating smoke in leaves or a piece of paper. This simple idea of a magnifying glass became the entire premises of creating our designs. You see, a magnifying glass is simply glass; glass has a very low RI (Refractive Index) Gemstone and Diamonds have a much higher RI, so the question was posed “WHAT IF” we could change the angles of a Gemstone to create a convergence point of light? What would those angles to the gemstone look like? We found out that it was not that much different than that of an old miner cut. Now we knew we had something!


What we had stumbled on is that the angles to create the same effect of the magnifying glass was VERY SIMILAR TO THAT OF AN OLD EUROPEAN CUT. I had asked my diamond cutter in Tel Aviv to try an experiment with a diamond by cutting it to the angles that we had determined to create the pin point of light on a preset convergence plate below the diamond. In the first attempt it was marginally successful, but successful enough to get everyone “very excited”. …Excited was an understatement, as my Diamond cutter who was very reluctant in the beginning to try such a cut called overjoyed to the point that I could not understand him saying “It worked, It really worked!” I knew with hard work and time we could make it workable to the point that we would be ready for testing with our customers in our retail location. The work began, and after several years of testing the first workable prototype was created. By May of 2013, a long-time customer came in and asked to see me. He handed me a nice check and said “I want the very first Glowing Diamond that you produce.” I told him that I was not ready, but the design should be ready within one year. I had only a vague idea what it was going to cost and he did not care, he simply wanted the first diamond in an engagement ring for his future bride and was willing to wait. Many months later we were ready and the very first design in an engagement ring was complete. My team was happy with the results and our customer received the very first Glow piece that was dubbed the NIGHT GLOW engagement ring. His wife is still wearing her NIGHT GLOW engagement ring today and still talks about the beautiful glow and receives many comments on it.


The natural gemstones glow as a result of the specific cut angles of the gemstone that allow for a correct convergence of concentrated light to hit the Pavilion Plate that is properly set under the gemstone allowing for just the right amount of light to converge and create the proper refraction. Similar to that of focusing a microscope. The Gemstones are so precise in their cut that very few gemstone cutters would consider tackling our stringent production requirements. Since every gemstone is cut by hand. We are very blessed to work with some of the finest gemstone cutters in the world.  THE GEMSTONE GIRDLES ARE POLISHED TO THAT SIMILAR TO THE HUBLE TELESCOPE WITH A TOLERANCE LEVEL OF ONLY +/– 1% margin of error.


First, the raw natural gemstones are hand selected by polishing a window into every rough gemstone. Then a trained Gemologist looks at the color density and clarity of the gemstone. We use only the finest ethically sourced gemstones for our cutting factories to cut. These gemstone cutters have been trained by Bill Disinger (who developed the Patented Ocular Brand cuts), they are cut today to our exact specifications. These patented cut gemstones magnify light to a convergence point on the Pavilion Plate which is set at a predetermined position below the gemstone. This Pavilion plate cannot touch the gemstone so there is room for the light to converge allowing for an even glow across the gemstone. The Pavilion Pate is infused with our rare earth Phosphor that is as hard as a rock and will last a life time with proper care. It is the rare earth Phosphor that allows for the storage of UV light during the day and can reflect it back into the gemstone in the dark of the night. It is the pavilion facets (the bottom side of the gemstone) that are specifically designed to let light bounce back up inside the gemstone.

     Our signature Checkerboard top (or Dome) of the natural gemstones allows the light to bounce across the Pavilion Plate helping to create the even and Natural Glow that you see in your Illuminated natural gemstone. We use very specific coloration to optimize the ability to create a perfect bounce of light off the Pavilion Plate. We also use Natural Gemstones that are extremely clean with very few, if any inclusions.

“After all if there are any major inclusions inside the gemstone you will see them in the dark of the night as you gaze into the glowing facets and see the hypnotic dance of light across your gemstone”.


Over the years many people ask how it works. Now that we have multiple USA Patents and Provisional Patents all over the word (see Patent list at the bottom of this page) we can talk in more detail about the workings of the Patent.  The Pavilion Plate is the name given to the Plate that sits a short distance away but directly under the gemstone. This plate cannot touch the gemstone and is set a specified distance from the bottom of the gemstone. The belly or bottom of the gemstone is called the Pavilion so it was only fitting to call the plate where the convergence of light touches as the Pavilion Plate. This plate is specifically designed of gold or silver. It is highly polished and is embedded with the rare earth material of inert phosphor.


Rare earth phosphors are one of earth’s natural phenomenon of luminescence. It is rare and it is totally inert which means it cannot hurt you. We only use ethically sourced rare earth Phosphors that have been successfully proven over many years of safe use by other leading brands. You will find the same rare earth Phosphors in Luxury watches and medical equipment with certifications from such international research companies as REACH in the USA or RoHS in Europe. (We have those certificates on file in our corporate office).


First, let’s understand what a UV Index is and what it is used for. The UV Index stands for Ultraviolet Light and it comes from the sun. It is the same light that causes you to get a tan. The stronger the UV index the faster you tan or get a sun burn. Open up your smart phone and go to the weather app. Scroll down to a specific town toward the bottom of the page and you will see the UV index the number associated with it. The index starts at 0 which is no UV light and is usually late in the evening or dark of the night. The index of 0 could be associated with a very cloudy or a winter day where the angle of the sun is low in the sky. The range to start charging the rare earth phosphors embedded into your Jewelry piece is usually a 3 to 4 index.  Anything above that number is better for your gemstones glow. A good UV index for a strong glow in the dark is 8. The highest UV index was recorded in Cusco Peru with an index reading of 25. If you wear your Jewelry piece in a Suntan bed it might scare you to see how strong it is glowing. Customers have said it looks almost on fire.


If you are outside in bright light with a strong UV index, it could take about 45 minutes to one hour of full sun light to charge your center natural gemstone. Please keep in mind that everyday weather conditions are different so the natural glow of your center gemstone may be somewhat different.


When you come in from outside it takes several seconds to adjust your eyes to the new lighting conditions. These are the photons in your eyes adjusting to the difference in light. The darker a room, the more your pupils dilate and open up; the more the pupils open, the darker the room. In a totally dark area is where you will get the strongest glow effect. If you are taking a walk in the dark, driving your car outside of the city lights, or in a dark movie theater, you will see the subtle glow of your center gemstone. Your gemstone will not be obvious in a well-lighted restaurant or possibly even in a dim room, depending on how strong the UV Index was during the day and how long you were out in the sun. One thing for sure is that if you leave your Jewelry next to your bed at night there will forever be a reminder of that special occasion.


Yes, the way you can super charge your gemstone faster is to use the Gem-Lite. (Available on this website or from an authorized retail Jeweler). The Gem-Lite is a specifically developed gem instrument that resembles a key chain flash light. Our Gem-Lite emits a high level of UV light in a concentrated manor that will super charge the glow of your gemstone in a few short seconds. Simply hold the Gem-Lite directly on the top surface of the center Gemstone for 3 to 5 seconds and look at the amazing glow with a play of light on the facets with an almost kaleidoscopic dance of glowing light. It’s truly amazing to watch. The Gem-Light requires a single 1.5 volt AAA battery that will last for a long period of time. Your friends will be amazed.

     NOTICE: If you wake up in the middle of the night you might think the glow of your center gemstone has become brighter. We hear this often and it is due to your eyes adjusting to the dark of the night.


The glow could last up to 8 hours in the dark of the night. It all depends on the UV index during the day and how much time you spend outdoors in the sunshine. Even if it is somewhat cloudy during the day your gemstone’s glow may surprise you.

   It is important to keep your center gemstone clean.  It the same as looking through a telescope.  If the lens is not clean, you cannot expect to see much, so please keep your center Gemstone clean. Remember this is a Natural effect and different conditions affect the outcome; however, you will have many years of beautiful glow, night after night, if you keep oils and debris out of your jewelry.

How It Works

The incredibly unique part about our jewelry is that you truly get to experience it.
Our patented technology allows us to create a glow that radiates out of each piece of jewelry for up to 8 hours at night.

This is all done simply by collecting UV light which is just sunlight. Just wear your jewelry out in the sun, then watch it come to life at night. The more sun, the longer it glows.

Our jewelry is made of natural high quality gemstones and set in .925 Sterling Silver. Each piece comes with a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Crafted with 100% Genuine Natural Topaz

Yes! The Swiss Blue Topaz is 100% natural and genuine.   There are no batteries, no wires and the gemstones have not been exposed to any form of radiation.  *The natural gemstones can glow up to 8 hours in total darkness based on UV light and weather conditions.

How it works:
Remember…when you were young and you would take a magnifying glass outside, focus the magnification angle to a pin point on a piece of paper and watch it smoke?  What if you let it even catch fire? Now you understand the principle behind the Ocular™ cut gemstone.  Except, instead of a magnifying glass, we have engineered a natural gemstone into a perfect magnifier.

Pretty cool stuff, that is why all our technology and designs are patented.
Click here to see our patents.

Magical? Yes.  Magic? No.

The first major breakthrough came when Bill Disinger discovered that a diamond or gemstone could be cut to magnify and maintain scintillation of light.  While acting on the same principal of a magnifying glass, the light is amplified down through the diamond or gemstone.

There is a photo luminescent reflective membrane placed at the point of light convergence.  The intense magnified light through the gemstone, or diamond, excites the molecules on the reflective membrane, causing the light to reflect back into the gemstone or diamond, creating the ambient glow.

Now, we are able to share this phenomenon of fluorescence that is patented and trademarked as the Ocular® Brand gemstone.  Using three provisional patents of the Night Glow Diamond® process, the four diamond cuts have been tested to glow up to 8 hours at night, glowing in the colors of Caribbean Blue and Sea Foam Green.

The science behind the glow.

The gemstone is composed of 5 parts.
Table:  The flat top of the diamond and the single largest facet in a round or Ocular™ Brand gemstone
Crown:  The upper section of the diamond between the table & the girdle
Girdle:  The area between the crown and pavilion which is generally thicker in European cut and Ocular™ Brand gemstone vs. the Modern Round Ideal Cut gemstone.  In the Ocular™ Brand gemstone, the girdle is honed to a mirror finish and far greater than that of a telescopic lens.
Pavilion:  The bottom section of the diamond and the deepest part of the diamond in European cut  and Ocular™ Brand gemstones.
Culet:  The small facet at the bottom center of the gemstone.  In the Ocular™ Brand gemstone, the culet is called the Reflective Eye and is the single most distinctive way to quickly recognize an Ocular™ Brand gemstone at a glance.

Glow of the Caribbean Pendant

How to care for your Jewelry Questions – Answered! 


Your Patented Glow of the Caribbean Jewelry piece is cleaned just like any other jewelry that you have. If anything, it will be stronger and more durable than most jewelry. You can have your Jeweler steam clean your Jewelry and Ultrasonic clean your piece. If you want to have it polished, your Jeweler can do that as well. Your Jewelry piece can even be dipped, or what is actually called Rhodium plating. Please note that in order for your Jewelry piece to maintain its glow, the piece must be dry. Water or cleaning solutions under the gemstone will not hurt your piece but it must dry out in order to start absorbing sunlight and to reflect back the beautiful glow in the dark. It is highly recommended to only use a clean ultrasonic bath and not use dirty cleaning fluids. As in any jewelry, it is not recommended to leave your jewelry in any Ultrasonic for more than 15 minutes. The chemicals could start a reaction to any metal causing an oxidation, especially strong or fresh cleaning solutions. Heated ultrasonics are also fine to use.

One fun point is a story that we have heard over and over. When you take your Jewelry piece to your Jeweler you may warn them that this is a Glow of the Caribbean piece. The reason is because when the Jeweler steam cleans an Ultrasonic Jewelry piece the friction of the steam across the gemstone creates a Triboluminescence affect or glowing affect to the center gemstone. (Triboluminescence is the striking of 2 diamonds or gemstones together; the same effect is created if you steam clean your Glow of the Caribbean piece. This comes as such a surprise to Jewelers that have not been told the Jewelry is Glow of the Caribbean, that in many cases causes the jeweler to quickly drop the piece as it begins to glow during steaming. Notice the surprise in their eyes as they return your jewelry piece to you.


Your Glow of the Caribbean Jewelry was designed to be around water and the outdoors. Please wear your piece with confidence and the security to know that we design Jewelry to last a lifetime. We hope that you will love the quality and glow so much that you will pass it down for generations.  Please, always know that we are here for you if you ever have any questions.  Drop us an email or call us.


If for some reason your Glow of the Caribbean Jewelry piece has been damaged, needs sized, or has something under the gemstone from some debris, simply call your authorized retailer that you purchased it from, or you can send it to our highly trained Service Center for any repairs or questions. For a list of service centers, or for your retail Jewelers phone number, please see the list on our website. If you need to contact our corporate office, you can reach us at +1 (812) 817-3100 and use extension #5 for technical questions. If it is after hours, please leave a message or you may also send us an email at: info@glowofthecaribbean.com  We will get back to you within 24 hours unless it is a weekend or Holiday and it may possibly be the first of the week.


IF for any reason you have any problem or question about your Glow of the Caribbean Jewelry, call the retailer that you purchased it from, or call us at our USA or St. Kitts retail offices. It’s our goal to see you are very happy with your treasure from the Islands.

You have a 3 year guarantee against defects of any kind. You also have a 30-day money back guarantee from our website. If for some reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply return your purchase to the retailer that it was purchased from for a full refund less any shipping expense. Different retailers have different rules, please consult your retailer about their return policies.

The bottom line is that it is our goal to see to it that your experience with Glow of the Caribbean will make you glow for many years. We can write all of the guarantees in the world but when it comes right down to it simply let us know how we can service you. It’s truly that simple.

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The glow of the Caribbean brand of jewelry is dedicated to the continued preservation & support of sea turtles throughout the world. We are proud to partner with the Sea Turtles Conservancy and please to donate a percentage of all sales to the Conservancy in Southern Florida that supports all sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.