Calypso Wave Pendant


Calypso Wave Pendent


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Our Calypso design is a true reflection of the islands.  Your friends will immediately recognize your love for the tropics with this meticulously detailed statement pendant.  The handcrafted attention to detail starts with a hint of the sun piercing out behind a beautifully detailed swaying palm tree that flows down one side of the impressive 14.5 carats of all-natural Caribbean blue topaz, that mimics a single drop of these intensely blue Caribbean waters.  The natural Caribbean blue topaz is cradled by a double cascading wave of all-natural shimmering white topaz gemstones. The side panels display our continuous wave pattern in an open filigree.  The backside of the pendant features a fully cared double palm tree in beautifully detailed 925 Silver.  In the dark of night, you will be forever reminded by the subtle blue glow* of your time in paradise.

Calypso Wave Pendant w/ Sun at Top 18x12mm
Pear-Shaped Caribbean Blue Topaz
56=1.0mm Rd White Topaz
10=1.1mm Rd 14=1.2mm Rd
925 Silver Rhodium Finish
18”-925 Silver Cable Chain w/Lobster Claw & Rhodium Finish

Measures: 1.0” tall X 5/8” wide X 3/8” thick.
Center Stone: 14.50 carats = Gen. Swiss Blue Topaz.
Side Stone weight: .70 carats


*The glow of these natural gemstones will vary, there are no two nights that will see exactly the same subtle afterglow.  Atmospheric conditions along with the strength of UV outdoor light will directly affect the performance and longevity of the afterglow.   The darker the room or the darkness of the night is important to see the full effect of the glow.  You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean afterglow light to quickly boost the afterglow and amaze your friends.  Style #UVLED.405NM