Shipwreck Coin Pendant


Shipwreck Coin Pendant


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This limited series of 400 pieces Shipwreck Coin Pendant from our Hemingway collection is a true statement of maritime history featuring a exquisitely detailed 1500s Philip II Kemper hoard Spanish 2 Reale colonial silver Cobb of exceptional museum quality. This specimen of a coin has been digitally reproduced to exacting standards using state of the art reconstructive technology worthy of a masters original die struck mark in 925 silver. This coin is aged by the Caribbean Sea Blast and set into a hand forged and hammered solid 14 karat yellow gold bezel with solid 14kt White gold fleur-de-lis prongs containing (1)1.00 mm round diamond inside each fleur-de-lis. The top bail features a small genuine Blue Topaz that has an oceans blue afterglow* in the dark of night. Each pendant is numbered and marked subtly deep into the backside of each bezel. The stamp number corresponds to the certificate of origination hand signed by the designer himself. The accompanying Certificate comes inside a spectacular presentation box. A must have for any collector of historic or maritime treasures.
Sea Dweller Ring (also from our Hemingway Collection).

Reproduction 1500s Phillip II “Kenpen Hoard” 925 Silver Reales Cob Coin w/ 14k Yellow Gold Hammered Bezel. Platinum Fleur de-lis w *8) 1.0mm Rd diamonds and (1) 5.0×3.0mm Oval natural Swiss Blue Topaz


925 Silver Rhodium Finish

*NOTICE: Because the Genuine center gemstones glow is all-natural, it will vary, based on atmospheric conditions.

*atmospheric conditions plus the intensity of UV light will cause variations in the amount of afterglow during the dark at night.

You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite to quickly boost the afterglow and amaze your friends.  Style #UVLED.405NM