Check Out Our Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite!

Check Out Our Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite!

Our gorgeous, fully patented Glow of the Caribbean jewelry line truly has a mesmerizing glow like no other. Our unique pieces truly glow for hours due to being “charged” by the sun’s high UV index. But how do you make your jewelry glow on gloomy days where the UV index is low? We’ve got you covered!

Every jewelry purchase comes with our Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite which actually “charges” your jewelry quicker than the sun can! The Gem-Lite is a specifically developed gem instrument that resembles a key chain flash light so you can take it with you wherever you go without misplacing it. Our Gem-Lite emits a high level of UV light in a concentrated manor that will super charge the glow of your gemstone in a few short seconds. Simply hold the Gem-Lite directly on the top surface of the center Gemstone for 3 to 5 seconds and look at the amazing glow with a play of light on the facets with an almost kaleidoscopic dance of glowing light. It’s truly amazing to watch. The Gem-Light requires a single 1.5 volt AAA battery that will last for a long period of time. Your friends are guaranteed to be amazed.

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