Discover Our Larimar Beads Necklace!

Discover Our Larimar Beads Necklace!

Our Larimar Beads Necklace is a gorgeous addition to your jewelry collection! It can be worn by
itself, or you can add your favorite Omega Pendant to be worn with it. Larimar is a precious gem
that was discovered in the Dominican Republic. This gemstone is a beautiful shade of blue
that perfectly mimics the Caribbean waters.
Larimar beads are incredibly scarce due to the high quality of Larimar required to cut
these exquisite round gemstones, also known as Caribbean Turquoise. “Glow of the
Caribbean” Larimar Bead Necklace comes in three sizes; 18” – 20” – 22”. These can be
worn casually during the day, or as a beautiful addition to an exquisite outfit for a night

These beautiful Larimar beads alternate between smaller beads of natural cream colored
walrus bone. This process incorporates an ancient Chinese tradition of bead stringing that
utilizes nylon thread along with 14 karat gold plated hand-wrapped fine wire meticulously
entwined and then creating elegant end caps which frame an exquisite fish and starfish
toggle clasp. This toggle clasp features a dangling 14 karat solid gold beautifully detailed
turtle. The turtle represents a part of our “Giving Back Program” where a portion of each
sale supports the Sea Turtle Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Visit the Sea Turtle
Conservancy website to support and learn about the great work they do in Florida and the

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