Glowing Memories

Glowing Memories

There is no better way to remember your days in the Caribbean than a lasting piece of beautiful jewelry that reminds you of the Glow you were feeling during your stay.

These timeless gemstones are carefully and meticulously crafted just for that special time.

Or, if your loved one is fond of the Caribbean and dreams of the blue waters and sunshine, you may want to show her your love by giving a beautiful Glowing piece of this unique jewelry.

No matter the occasion, these gems are designed to make any day special with a Glow that can only enhance the smile of the receiver.

I am beginning this blog to talk about Glow of the Caribbean and all the exciting things that we have to offer.  Let me start with a little explanation about how it all began.

The first major breakthrough came when Bill Disinger discovered that a diamond could be cut to magnify and maintain scintillation of light.  While acting on the same principal of a magnifying glass, the light is amplified down through the diamonds and gemstones, with a luminescent reflective membrane placed at the point of light convergence.  The intense magnified light through the diamonds and gemstones excites the molecules on the reflective membrane, causing the light to reflect back into the diamonds and gemstones, creating the ambient glow.  The four Ocular brand shapes have been tested to glow up to 8 hours in the dark, glowing in the colors of Caribbean Blue and Sea Foam Green.


I look forward sharing more with you about Glow of the Caribbean.  Please stay tuned for my next post!

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