Reflections Starfish Earrings



Reflections Starfish Earrings


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These beautiful earrings are made of natural Swiss Blue Topaz gemstones with a total ct weight of 5.0 ct, cut into single water droplets that resemble the seafoam swells of the ocean as it rolls into these tropical beaches.  The earrings are topped with intricately stippled 14K yg starfish  The side panels represent our well-known open filigree detail of a continuous wave pattern while the backsides show a single palm tree representing the tropics.

Pierced Earrings w/(2) Natural Swiss Blue Topaz
5.0 ct Ctr
925 Silver Rhodium Finish


*NOTICE: Because the Genuine center gemstones glow is all-natural, it will vary, based on atmospheric conditions.

You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean Gem-Lite to quickly boost the glow and amaze your friends.  Style #UVLED.405NM



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