Sea Breeze Earrings


Sea Breeze Earrings

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Pierced Earrings w/(2) Emerald Cut Amethyst
(2) 5x3mm Caribbean Blue Topaz Ovals
(16) 0.9mm Rd White Topaz
(72) 1.1mm Rd White Topaz
925 Silver w/Rhodium Finish

Measures: 1” tall X 3/8” wide X 1/4” thick.
Center Stone: 5.80 carats Gen. Purple Amethyst & Blue Topaz
Side Stone weight: 88 rounds = .75 carats


*The glow of these natural gemstones will vary, there are no two nights that will see exactly the same subtle afterglow.  Atmospheric conditions along with the strength of UV outdoor light will directly affect the performance and longevity of the afterglow.   The darker the room or the darkness of the night is important to see the full effect of the glow.  You can always use the dedicated Glow of the Caribbean afterglow light to quickly boost the afterglow and amaze your friends.  Style #UVLED.405NM


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