A Reminder of Your Time in Paradise

A Reminder of Your Time in Paradise




Baby, it’s cold outside, at least for some of us.  We experience those dreary, cold winter days when we can’t seem to get warm.  We long for the warmth of the sun and the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean.  Memories take us back to our time in tropical paradise and the joy we felt there.  What a great way to heal the winter blues.  Remembering the sand between our toes as we watched the sunset over the Caribbean water.  We were truly AGLOW. 

Or maybe our cure for the blues is the memory of that oh so special occasion.  It could be a birthday, anniversary or any special day we want to remember forever.  Maybe our special someone gave us a gift as a reminder of their love for us.  Something that warms the cockles of our heart.  Something that makes us GLOW. 

These are the kind of memories that we want to live forever.   These are the kind of memories that can be enjoyed and shared through Glow of the Caribbean jewelry. 

Many people may ask if the gemstone is real.  And the answer to that question is 100% yes. These gorgeous gemstones can glow for up to eight hours without the use of batteries, wires or exposure to any form of radiation.  It is simply based on the UV light and weather conditions.  Remember as young kids when we would use a magnifying glass outside in the brilliant sunlight and focus the magnification angle to a pin point on a piece of paper and watch it smoke, or even catch fire.  This is the same principle behind the Ocular cut.  Except, instead of a magnifying glass, we have engineered gemstones into perfect magnifiers that reduce the intensity to allow for a subtle glow in the dark of night.   

The glow occurs when the Sun’s UV (ultra violet) rays are above a level 3.   It is easy to find this weather information on a cell phone, inside the weather app.  At a level 3 and higher, the gemstone captures the UV rays creating the subtle afterglow in the dark of night.  Friends and family will be awed at the radiant gemstones. 

This exquisitely designed jewelry is meant to be a forever subtle reminder of your time in paradise and the times when life was AGLOW. 

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