“Is this the next big thing in jewelry?”

“Is this the next big thing in jewelry?”



This is a question that was posed recently in the Switzerland to Russia trade magazines.  Glow of the Caribbean is expanding globally by leaps and bounds.  Not only do we hold 8 patents in the US, but we also hold patents in Russia, Japan, China, India, South Africa and Europe.  The Glow of the Caribbean brand is becoming known throughout the world. 

Another example of our global expansion is the recent move of our headquarters to Turtle Beach on the beautiful island of St. Kitts.  What a perfect setting for the creation of exquisite jewelry to remind us of paradise and the GLOW it creates. 

Glow of the Caribbean jewelry is available in most Caribbean cities and ports and aboard a number of cruise ships.  It is the perfect reminder of your fun in the sun.   So, whether you are in St. Thomas, Antigua or the Cayman Islands, you can purchase a lasting reminder of the beautiful Caribbean waters.  

Please follow us here as we expand our horizons and grow even more, globally.  

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