Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your mother has dedicated her entire life to you. We know how important your mom is so dedicate our gorgeous Mom Heart Pendant to her this Mother’s Day! 


Our Mom Heart Pendant is hand-crafted with only the finest Pink Amethyst gemstones. This classic piece features a meticulously detailed top crested “MOM” carefully centered in a finely detailed bezel of rope which represents the tight bond between a mother and her family. This luxurious piece gives off a pastel pink glow in the dark of the night representing the never-ending love a mother has for her family. 


This pendant comes in both a regular (center stone 5.05 carats) and large (6.2 carats) size and can be purchased conveniently from our website or at select locations around the Caribbean. Please refer to “Retail Locations” on our website when searching for these locations.

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