Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Your father has been the man you’ve looked up to your whole life. Show him appreciation by gifting him the perfect luxurious pieces from our Hemingway Collection! Contrary to popular belief, our jewelry is not only for women, but for men too! Our Hemingway Collection is full of luxurious, Carribean-inspired pieces your dad will LOVE.


Take your pick from our Shipwreck Coin Pendant, Men’s Hemisphere Ring, and Men’s Sea Dweller Ring that are guaranteed to turn heads! All three of these gorgeous pieces are handcrafted with the finest gemstones and of the absolute highest quality. All three of these pieces are a must have for any collector of historic or maritime treasures.


Your father will be forever grateful for this amazing gift. Get yours at one of our many retail locations located around the Caribbean or order conveniently online!

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