Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! With American retailers in Florida and Alaska, we have many gorgeous pieces that represent the famous American colors of red and blue! 


Our Red Sun Pendant is made of natural genuine pink amethyst which appears red during the day and glows colors of pink and red in the dark of night. Our Blue Sun Pendant is made of natural swiss blue topaz. Both pieces will remind you of the gorgeous American sunsets with its glowing American colors. 


Our Open Heart Pendants are also a perfect emblem of your love for America. Our Open Heart Pendant comes in both Swiss Blue Topaz and Pink Amethyst, which is the PERFECT way to show your patriotism. The hand-selected center gemstone in our Open Heart Pendant is cradled in a nicely detailed fine rope bezel of silver that represents the bond you have with your beloved home country.

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