Spice Up Any Outfit With Our Matching Sets!

Spice Up Any Outfit With Our Matching Sets!

Get the full Glow of the Caribbean experience with our matching jewelry sets! Never have to worry if your jewelry goes well together. Our matching sets are guaranteed to add elegance to every outfit! All of our matching sets are made with hand-selected, hand-crafted gemstones of the highest quality. We have so many gorgeous sets to choose from! 


Our Sea Turtle Pendant, bracelet, and earrings are the perfect option to show your love for the Caribbean’s precious sealife. Even better, this set comes in both Swiss Blue Topaz and Genuine Natural Green Amethyst


Our Illuminations Pendant, earrings, and ring is the best selection for a flashier option that represents the many different colors of the Carribean islands. 


Our Caribi Wave Pendant, earrings and ring set represents the simplicity of a single droplet of Caribbean water in our select color of these natural genuine Swiss Blue Topaz gemstones that perfectly match the colors of the Caribbean waters.


Our Mandarin Pendant and earrings have a subtle glow in the dark of the night that will forever be a reminder of these Irresistible Islands we call Paradise. This set comes in both Swiss Blue Topaz and Purple Amethyst! 


We have many more beautiful sets to offer! Take your pick by visiting some of our amazing retail locations located all around the Caribbean or conveniently order from our easy-to-use-website!

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